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A bar chart shows the personal spending on health care, transportation, food, housing in the USA, Canada, the UK and Japan.


The given bar chart compares the shares of expenditures for five major groups in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Japan in the year 2009.

As regards Housing, the United States headed the list with just over a quarter (26%), followed by the UK at about 23%. Next was Japan at approximately 22%, which was slightly higher than Canada at 21%. Even though Japan ranked third in Housing, but with respect to food it was in the first place at about 23%. Next on the list was the UK, exactly a one fifth (20%), whereas Canada was just ahead of the US at 15% whereas 14% respectively. Regarding the Transportation, Canada stood at 20%, making it two times more than Japan at 10%, which was also the lowest of all. Second and third ranks were the US and the UK at 17% whereas 15% respectively.

In contrast, Clothing and Health care were not as popular as Housing and Transportation. Regarding the Clothing, the difference was a bit with 7%, 6%, 4% and 3% correspondingly for Canada, the UK, Japan and the US. As for Health Care, the US began at 8% whereas the UK at 2%, but Canada and Japan maintained at around 4% each.

Overall, it can be seen that Housing, Food and Transportation had the highest expenditure, while the least expenditure was on Clothing and Health care.

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