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People live longer today and so people should stay in the workforce longer.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Researches reveal that as compared to previous years, nowadays people are more likely to live longer than they used to probably due to the fact that life conditions have become much better. Consequently, it is now believed that people should work longer. I strongly agree with this statement but before drawing a conclusion it needs to be discussed.

To begin with, as the technology penetrates our lives, we become surrounded with innovative technologies which demands special abilities to use them. Undoubtedly, older generations find it difficult to keep up with the demands of the modern life. Moreover, as people get older they may have some health problems or become impatient, even sometimes forget something about their job which leads to dropping the effectiveness of work. Therefore, staying at work for longer time may result negatively both for them and society.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, we cannot completely deny benefits of it. Firstly, working at the certain work for the years helps to gain valuable experience in this area. Additionally, if we take into consideration some professions such as doctors and teachers, it must be acknowledged that the role of them is quite unquestionable, because we can benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Furthermore, from the psychological point of view, retiring earlier can affect older people negatively if they still consider themselves “in form”, to be more specific, staying at home and doing nothing can seems them monotonous.

To conclude, taking all the mentioned facts into account , I think there are still much information and more things to learn from older people, so they must be allowed to continue their work life.


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